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How To Download WhatsApp Status? Step By Step Guide


The WhatsApp update of 2017 has brought the feature like a Snapchat story. As we all know now we can keep a WhatsApp Status or a story of videos or pictures, which will stay for 24 hours. There are many who like the WhatsApp Status of their contacts but you can’t download it.

But there are few tricks by which you can download WhatsApp status videos. Yes, here in this article we will tell you full guide how you can download WhatsApp Status of your friends on your smartphone or iPhone. Nowadays, the Snapchat like a feature of WhatsApp is in trend. You can keep your pictures, romantic video songs or anything you like.

WhatsApp chat messaging app is one of the most popular apps in the whole world. Whatsapp has got many new features like Whatsapp video calling, free voice calling, video or picture status update.

So, now let us learn how to save WhatsApp Status. Below is the full guide to saving WhatsApp status.

Methods to Save Whatsapp status Videos

Those days are gone when we used to keep love quotes as a status. Now with the new update you can keep your favorite picture, movie trailer, songs or anything as a status.

Method#1 : Check hidden Whatsapp Statuses Folder

One of your contact kept a picture as a WhatsApp Status and you want to download that. Just tap on that picture, it will be downloaded to  .Statuses folder on Android. Normally,  .Statuses folder is hidden, so all you need to do is must unhide the folder. You don’t need to root or do anything. Follow the given steps to download pictures from the status.

Steps to download WhatsApp Status Pictures

  • First, click on the status picture which you liked.
  • Go to MyFiles, then device storage and then Whatsapp.
  • In WhatsApp go to Media then .Statuses folder.
    How To Download WhatsApp Status? Step By Step Guide!
  • There first, you need to unhide the files using  More :> Show hidden files.How To Download WhatsApp Status? Step By Step Guide!
  • One can also use File manager app which is easily available for Android and iOS.
  • That’s it you will see the WhatsApp status picture and can download it to your gallery.

Method#2: using Screenshot or Screen capturing Apps

This is the easy way to save WhatsApp Status. Almost all of them does this I Guess. You can save WhatsApp status using ubiquitous screenshot feature is available on Xiaomi, Redmi, iPhones, Samsung.

If you are using iOS 11, you can use the inbuilt screen recording to save status videos. If you are using iOS 9, 9.3.2, 9.4 or iOS 10.2 then you can’t install the screen recording apps from AppStore. They can use as an alternative Dr.fone app, APowersoft iOS.

Method#3: Story Saver for Whatsapp to Download Whatsapp Status Videos

If you want to save videos then you need to download one app which is specially designed to save WhatsApp stories. The app which you need to download is Story Saver for Whatsapp apk. This app is not officially launched by WhatsApp it is just an app which can help you to save the video status. You can download the app from google playstore and then can save WhatsApp Status video or picture.

  • First, download the Story Saver for Whatsapp apk whic his available on Google Playstore.
  • Then Install the app on your device.
  • Then open the app and click on Recent stories button
  • After that select the picture or the video story which you want to download
  • Click on the Download icon which is on the top right corner.
  • That’s it your whatsapp status video or picture is downloaded in your phone gallery.

How To Download WhatsApp Status? Step By Step Guide!


How To Post Long WhatsApp Status Videos?

We got the new WhatsApp status feature which stays for 24 hours, but there is a limit to keep videos. You can keep a video only of 30 seconds and if the video is long, it will split and then come on the status. SO here we will tell you few ways to post long video status without splitting it.

There are two ways to set the long video status on Whatsapp.

Two Methods to Post Long Whatsapp Status Videos

With WhatsApp it is very easy to share the best moments of our life with everyone. As whatsapp has a feature of status stories which gets disappeared in 24 hours, we can keep video and share our good moments with all. The two ways which will help you to set the long Whatsapp status videos are :

  • Online Whatsapp Status Video Splitters
  • Whatsapp Video Optimizers

Method 1: Using Whatsapp Video Compressors

You like to post a video with your buddies but without trimming it. As you upload the video it automatically opens the trimmer and you have to trim the video and put it on status. So to solve this you can use video compressors for your device and install it to post long video status on whatsapp.

Video Compressors for android :

There are few video optimizer available for Android. Few of them are Video Compressor, Video Compress, Video Converter android, etc. For whatsapp status videos, Video Converter is better. It has a clean User interface. In this easily you can compress the video and use the crop option to the video converters and can post long Whatsapp status videos.

Video Compressors for iOS/iPhone:

For iOS also there are few video compressor apps available. One of the best is Video Compressor. This app has modes like VGA, HD and quality. It is useful app to compress send long whatsapp status videos.

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Method 2: Splitting the status Videos

You can keep a long video by trimming the video of 30 seconds. You can split the video in 30 seconds and can set the status in two three parts. For this you don’t need to download any app on your smartphone.

  • In your browser, visit Split Videos For Whatsapp
  • Browse the video by using file manager and then upload it.
    How To Download WhatsApp Status? Step By Step Guide!
  • Then set the start time and end time.
  • The default time for Whatsapp status videos is 30 seconds, so keep starting time as 0 and end time as 30.
    How To Download WhatsApp Status? Step By Step Guide!
  •  Click on the cut the video to split the video.
  • Repeat the process until the whole video is splitted to keep it on whatsapp status.
  • Then upload the videos on the Whatsapp status.

That’s it. By this way you can download the whatsapp status and can keep a long video on status.

We hope this article was helpful for you. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

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