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How To Delete Your Naukri Account


How To Delete Your Naukri Account: Well if you got Irritated by the unneeded, useless messages from your Naukri Account that you have created earlier and want to get relief from that but facing a lot of problems on getting relief from that then don’t take any more tension, Here your problem will be completely solve.

Today we are going to tell you all details about Naukri account and about 3-4 methods to delete Naukri account permanently. I am also sure that you will love our post

How To Delete Your Naukri Account

I know you all have been feed up with spam email which you are getting from Naukri account. So below are some steps which help you to delete your naukri account. Just follow them and enjoy.

How to Delete Your Naukri Account
How to Delete Your Naukri Account

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What Is a Naukri Account ?

Well, Naukri Account is simply a  type of business account, which is used to finding new or various types of jobs for the common people. In general words, it is just simply an account through which a person deals with one of the employment website.

What Is The Use of a Naukri Account ?

The main use of a Naukri Account is to get the access in it’s site and after getting the access, you can find or select various new type of jobs in which you will feel comfortable and will be also easier according to your choice. In a way, it is very helpful for those persons who have completed their education but still become unemployed.

It provides them new jobs and also pays or provide a good amount of monthly income to them. It  is also useful to those persons who are unsatisfied form their jobs and are in the search of  a good job which are comfortable according to themselves. In a sense it is very useful for the youth generations.

But sometimes creating your account in such type of employment sites,not always results or seems to be good for you. It will make you irritate by sending you a lots of messages regularly. But don’t take any more tension, if you have created your account by mistake or if you want to delete or remove your account from the Naukri site permanently, then just follow the given steps.

How To Delete Or Remove Your Naukri Account

You can delete or remove your Naukri account very easily by just following the steps that are given below.

Many of the time, many of the users like you has asked me that How could I Delete My Naukri Account permanently or How To Remove My Naukri Account Permanently ? well if you also have such type of questions in your mind, then you should need to read this paragraph or section very carefully as in this section I am going to tell you that How could you Delete Your Naukri Account permanently? Just follow any one of the given method.

#1 – Delete Your Naukri Account By Sending Mail

The first thing you need to do is that, you need to send an email to – [email protected], there mentioning that   you want to delete your account permanently. Sometimes this doesn’t work, but at that time also don’t take any tension. At that time, you just need to change your visibility settings to not visible to recruiters, in the Naukri account settings to stop receiving messages, notifications, emails, etc form the Nauki website.

If you didn’t like this method or you are not able to do  by following the above steps then, you can also delete your Naukri Account permanently by following the steps below :-

#2 – Permanently Delete Your Naukri Account

Using this method I am damn sure you can permanently delete your Naukri account easily. There 3-4 steps that will help you to delete your naukri account. So don’t wait just see the steps and enjoy.

Follow our Steps: 

Step 1: Firstly you have to visit login page of Naukri account and there you have to enter your details i.e., email and password or you can also use username if you have. You can also login via Facebook or Google if you have created account directly from Facebook or Google. Click here to open naukri login page

Permanently Delete Your Naukri Account

Step 2: Then visit delete page of Naukri account to delete your account. Here you have to enter the password once again to verify your account details. So again enter the password to confirm the deletion of your account permanently.

Delete Your Naukri Account By Sending Mail

Step 3: By doing that, you will happily see that you account has been successfully deleted permanently. Now you will don’t receive any spam email from naukri website.

How To Delete Or Remove Your Naukri Account

Step 4: Enjoy

#3 – How to Deactivate Your Naukri Account

Follow our steps for deactivating the naukri account instead of Deleting it.

Step 1: You have to visit the login page of Naukri.com. Then there you have to open your account by entering email id and mobile number.

Step 2: Then go to Visibility Setting and make your profile Not Visible.

How to Deactivate Your Naukri Account
How to Deactivate Your Naukri Account

Step 3: Finally click on save. After saving you will not receive any email from Naukri. Also remember that here you account is not deleted instead of Deletion your account has been temporarily deactivated. You can open your account in future and can reuse.

Video Guide To Delete Your Naukri Account

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