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Ark Taming Calculator: Everything you Need to Know


Do you love to play Ark Survival Evolved game and want to calculate the food, time, and narcotics needed to grow a creature? If yes, then you can do with the help the ark taming calculator. If you are worried about how much time does a character will take to grow, then you can do this using the ark taming calculator which you can get easily with just a few clicks. In this post, we are going to show the exact way to download and install ark taming calculator on your smartphone. But, before that, let’s understand what does the term “ark taming calculator” stands for? So, what are you waiting for? Just have a look below to have a clear idea of the ark taming calculator:

Ark Taming Calculator
Ark Taming Calculator

What is Ark Taming Calculator?

The Ark Taming Calculator is an application which will help you to calculate how much time, resources, food does a creature will need to grow. You have got trapped on an unknown island known as Ark, where you have to hunt, gather resources, build shelters and explore the technology to survive. In order to survive, you have to build a base full of weapons and resources. This is where the Ark taming calculator comes in which will help you to build a base. Now, you may be wondering how the calculator will help me to build a base?

The answer is quite simple. It helps you to calculate the resources needed to build a base. You can even calculate the cost of each element like doors, floor, walls etc. using this calculator. After calculating, you have to collect the resources and then you can use them to build a base. Once you have built your resources, then you have to protect them from others because other players will try to destroy them.

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Features of Ark Taming Calculator

  • It helps you to calculate the resources, time and food needed to grow creatures.
  • It provides you the kibble chart and flowchart.
  • Provides you the information regarding the knock out period of each creature and weapon.
  • Gives you access to the items and gathering efficiency of other players.
  • You can find which creatures are carryable by the flyers.
  • Provides you recipes and dyes.
  • You can access the official wiki of the Ark survival game using the calculator.
  • Provides you Dino stickers for iMessage.
  • You can access the base rankings and resources of other players.
  • Provides you the starve time for starve taming.
  • Gives you the tips on taming, battling and lots more.

How to Download & Install the Ark Taming Calculator?

The process is so simple, easy and quick that even a beginner can perform it without any problems. Here’s the complete process to download and install Ark taming calculator on your device.

  • Open any browser and then go to “www.dododex.com” platform.
  • Once you are there, just scroll down and click on the “Google Play” button.
  • Upon clicking, you will be redirected to the Google play store where you have to click on the Install button.
  • Once you do that, the ark taming calculator will start downloading.
  • Once it gets installed, launch it and start exploring the features and functions of it.


Now, you have all the required information about the ark taming calculator. I hope this post helped you to get what you were looking for. If you found this post helpful, then share it with your friends, family and relatives who are looking for the same. Also, if you have any queries or suggestions, then let me know in the comment section below so that I can help you.

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